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Why piling on the pounds costs pounds, bad news on swine flu and why you may not be as crazy as you thought

By Lilian Anekwe

Our roundup of health news headlines on Thursday 23 September.

Talking to yourself, long since seen as a sign of madness, could be good for you by helping you exercise your inner voice, improve your self-control and reduce impulsive urges.

Start by muttering this Daily Digest to yourself, to lessen your urge to shoot David Cameron ‘because Jodie Foster told you to do it’. Repeat after me: A simple home test could detect skin cancer.

Scientists have identified seven genes linked to childhood asthma, and developed a miracle test that could pave the way for new treatments, say the Daily Mail.

The Daily Telegraph’s take on the New England Journal of Medicine study is that allergies are a consequence, and not a cause, of asthma.

Being obese costs women £3,100 and men £1,700 every year, a study has found. Nothing to do with extra food, the extra pounds result in extra pounds on petrol due to the extra weight in the car, more sick days and lost productivity.

Two small drinks can lead to falls in the elderly. As well as getting a bit tipsy, two single vodkas and oranges can have ‘a dramatic effect on their nimble-footedness’, the Daily Telegraph says.

Half of veterans are missing out on the priority treatment on the NHS they are entitled to, says the Daily War Veteran News, I mean Telegraph. A poll by the RCGP shows half of GPs said they ‘did not know very much’ about priority treatment for veterans and a third said they knew nothing at al.

You should warn your patients that this year’s flu vaccine contains…. well… flu vaccine, according to the Daily Telegraph, dutifully parroting our rivals’ recent story.

The fact seasonal flu vaccines ordinarily contain the season’s circulating flu strains (clue’s in the name) and H1N1 swine flu is one of this season’s three strains of influenza seems to warrant an exclusive, a press release, and much hand-wringing, apparently.

Swine flu is so yesterday’s news.

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