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Will our training ever be enough?

The more I know about the change, the more depressing it is.

The times are changing and so is primary care, indeed beyond recognition. The more I know about the change, the more depressing it is. But what I find most annoying and frustrating is the expectations on GPs.

With every report that comes out, there is another recommendation for improving GP education.

A dementia report suggests GPs need more training. Then it is more child health training.

Then I attend a musculoskeletal course and am told that GPs can look after a lot of these patients in primary care if appropriately ‘trained'.

My problem is that these reports come not only from specialists, who clearly have a strong interest, but from some of my own GP fraternity who happen to have attended another couple of courses.

I agree that I need to keep up to date and keep learning. And honestly, I am trying my best – but is it ever going to be enough?

There is always scope for more training and improvement – but stop thinking about only dementia or depression. I deal with pretty much any disease you could ever think of.

From Dr Kamal Sidhu, Peterlee, County Durham