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Worried about the White Paper? Then pick up another newspaper…

By Laura Passi

Our roundup of health news headlines on Tuesday 13 July.

The publication of the White Paper yesterday has resulted in wildly different reactions from the national press. None deny that this is a ‘big shake up' but how the effects will be felt depends on which newspaper you read.

The Daily Mail has called the White Paper 'a health service revolution ' but asks ‘will it save money?' especially if GP's try to ‘fleece' taxpayers into giving them more money for an increased workload (the cheek of it) and The Telegraph is glad to see power returning to ‘patients and family doctors', with the former having a wider choice about their treatment.

However, The Guardian didn't think this a good thing. They stated that ‘a whole tier of the NHS will be decapitated' with ‘up to 30,000 managers [to] face being cut or redeployed' They also believe the ambition is for GP's to become ‘in effect private businesses with a contract to provide services to the NHS', which should come with a warning.

Some just aren't sure what to make of it: 'Government NHS shake-up is a 80bn gamble with our health ' leads the Metro with a picture of Cameron demonstrating a poker face to rival the professionals (see pic).

And The Independent calls it a gamble too and questions the longevity of this latest reform ‘For the sixth time in two decades the system faces radical reform. Each time, the Government of the day promised it is for "the long term". But how much more reform can the system take?'

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Daily Digest - 13 July 2010