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GP out-of-hours centre to close in favour of integrated model

A rural out-of-hours treatment centre will close after NHS managers struck a deal for a single provider to deliver NHS 111 and out-of-hours services.

The GP-led treatment centre in Tavistock Hospital, Devon, will be closed when current out-of-hours provider Devon Doctors Ltd takes on the 111 service from October.

Devon Doctors currently operates 16 treatment sites across the county and the Tavistock service provided walk-in appointments at evenings and weekends.

NHS Northern, Eastern, Western Devon CCG said it would be more ‘efficient and flexible’.

A spokesperson said: ‘The new system will be more efficient and flexible to ensure that there aren’t long waiting times to see a GP out of hours. Appointments at local treatment centres will be available, so if they have to travel a bit further they won’t have to wait around when they get there.

‘The new model also stipulates that the majority of people will not have to travel more than 30 minutes to get to a treatment centre. Decisions about which treatment centres will remain open are being made by Devon Doctors Ltd.’

Devon Doctors took on the 111 service after South Western Ambulance Service Foundation Trust announced it was handing back the ‘unsustainable’ contract last year.