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Nationals pick up on Pulse’s £55 dementia diagnosis story, children to be given lessons in brushing teeth, and Welsh patients going private for healthcare

NHS England has revealed that GPs are to be paid £55 every time they diagnose a case of dementia, reports BBC news. Under the new scheme, GPs would receive the money for every extra patient given a diagnosis of dementia over a six-month period.

NHS England said it was ‘not just payment for diagnosis’ and GP practices would have to form a detailed plan and show improving diagnosis rates.

Elsewhere, the Independent reports that nursery-age children should be given lessons in how to brush their teeth to prevent a worsening dental health crisis in the most socially disadvantaged sections of the population, according to NICE.

Patients are so desperate to flee the crisis-hit Welsh NHS they are going private or moving to England, reports Mail Online – meanwhile, the number of cancer sufferers travelling to England has quadrupled from 3,471 a decade ago to 15,450 last year.