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Wales fills 85% of GP training places

Wales has filled 85% of its GP training places advertised in 2015 after two rounds of recruitment, but has decided not to run a third recruitment round.

In total, 107 new trainees are due to take up their positions from August, out of 126 places advertised.

Although this means that 15% of places remain unfilled, the situation appears better than in parts of England, where some areas have struggled to fill half of their training places this year.

However, because the Welsh Government has not increased training places in line with expected population demand for GP services, the Welsh figure could look rosier on paper than in practice.

Due to a lack of funds, the Welsh deanery has advertised 10 fewer posts than usual this year, and Pulse understands that based on expected future demand, some 190 trainees would be required to commence training each year.

Unlike in England, the Wales deanery is not intending to run a third round of recruitment to try to fill the remaining places as it has deemed the results of doing so would not justify the cost.

Northern Ireland has also released figures, showing it has filled 100% of 65 training places in a single round. Since then, one trainee has dropped out at short notice, meaning 64 will take up a training post in the autumn.

Across England, a fifth of training places remain unfilled after the first two rounds of recruitment, with North East and East Midlands worst affected,while in Scotland the figure stands at 79% of places filled (240 out of 305).