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#GPnews: Hunt’s package announcement to be delayed

17:30 Our final story today is that partners at a 9,000-patient practice are having to seek a merger with a trust and becoming salaried GPs due to unsustainable workloads. They are also part of one of NHS England’s ‘vanguard’ new models of care, which provides primary and secondary care.

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15:10 NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens has said that the package for primary care has been delayed – as revealed by Pulse today. He said in the NHS England board meeting that it was ’six to eight weeks away’. It had originally been due for this month.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has said that the package will be a series of measures designed alongside the RCGP and the BMA to help general practice.

Mr Stevens has said that the package of measures will ‘go much further’ than the new contract agreement.

14.30 New research has revealed that developing dementia is the leading health concern among people living in Wales. 

depressed depression dementia Alzheimer s old woman RF

The BBC reports that a survey for the Welsh government of 1,000 people found that 77% were concerend about developing the condition. 



11:30 Elsewhere on the site today, we have a story that health education bosses are looking to reform the ’training tariff’, which determines how much practices are paid to carry out training.

But it has stalled – because managers are unwilling to recompense practices for the significant burden of collecting the information needed to reform the tariff.

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9.40 This morning we are leading on our analysis of NHS England’s budget allocations which have revealed that health secretary Jeremy Hunt will fail to deliver this year on his promise to increase the proportion of funding going into general practice, despite the 3.2% funding uplift for practices. 

NHS England’s budget allocations show that from April, general practice will receive only 7.23% of the NHS budget  – down from this year’s share of 7.31%.

Dr Richard Vautrey, deputy chair of the GPC, told Pulse: ‘General practice will not survive if all we receive are the crumbs from the secondary and specialised care table, instead we need a real commitment and delivery of fairer share of the NHS budget.’

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