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#GPnews: Men financially incentivised to study to become nurses

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15:50 Men are being offered a £3,000 ‘sweetener’ to study nursing at the University of Coventry, reports the Telegraph today.

It says the £30,000 National Express Foundation Fund has been instated as last year 2,800 men were accepted on to nursing degrees compared with 26,000 women

But, as Pulse sister title Nursing in Practice pointed out when first reporting the news earlier this month, ‘the initiative arrives just as the scrapping of Government bursaries for trainee nurses came into force’, with the total number of nursing applicants in England falling by 23% this year.

09:40 The next stage of the childhood obesity strategy will focus on fast foods such as burgers, pizzas, ready meals and sandwiches, the Government announced today.

It said Public Health England would be setting out targets for how to cut calories within the year, as people are currently consuming some 200-300 excess calories each day.

The Department of Health also announced £5m investment in a new obesity policy research unit.

Health minister Philip Dunne said: ‘Too many of our children are growing up obese, which can lead to serious health complications. We all have a responsibility to help people live healthier lives, but with a third of children leaving primary school obese we must take a comprehensive approach and now focus on excess calories.’