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#GPnews: More shadow health ministerial resignations

14:30 Following the departure of Heidi Alexander as shadow health secretary, Luciana Berger has resigned her shadow cabinet position as minister for mental health.

Here’s her resignation letter in full:

11:45  Dr Peter Swinyard, chair of the Family Doctor Association, has said on Pulse about the departure of Heidi Alexander: ‘The Family Doctor Association deeply regrets the departure of Heidi Alexander, who was a committed and passionate Shadow Secretary of State for Health and who had acquired quickly a great command of a difficult brief. We will continue to aspire to working together with her replacement in the interest of GPs and General Practice and in the furtherance of continuity of care.’

10:10 A very interesting point from The Times health editor, Chris Smyth:

As Pulse has reported, the referendum vote could make it harder to attract GPs.

9:45 Junior Doctors Committee chair Johann Malawana has urged juniors to vote yes to the contract deal on the table, warning that the Brexit vote will mean future deals will be worse.  

He wrote on Facebook: ‘We have a contract in any other time would be a good deal, but right now is an excellent deal given what’s coming’. 

9:35 Good morning and welcome to the live blog. 

Following the result of the EU referendum last Friday, which saw the UK vote to leave the union, there have been a number of resignations from the Labour party. 

Shadow health secretary Heidi Alexander announced her resignation yesterday, telling Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn that she didn’t ‘believe he had have the capacity to shape the answers our country is demanding’, adding that she believes if the party is to attempt to form the next government, ‘a change of leadership is essential.’ 

And it has emerged today that the party’s former international development secretary Diane Abbott has subsequently been promoted to shadow health secretary. 

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