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#GPnews: One in ten sessional GPs had to take time off due to stress

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GPs asked to urgently help out following Grenfell Towers tragedy

GPs in Scotland to gain legal protection when saying sorry

17:25 One in ten GP sessional staff said they had had to take time-off due to work related stress in the past year, a BMA survey has revealed. 

The survey of more than 2,000 sessional GPs found that salaried GPs were most often affected by wrok related stress, with more than half (52%) reporting they had felt unwell from workplace stress.

It also found that almost half of sessional GPs are former GP partners.

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14:25 Londonwide LMCs are advising GPs who wish to help out in the aftermath of the Grenfell tragedy to get advice from their medical defence organisation, in what it describes as a ’sad reflection of the times’.

The advice states: ’Many local GPs are stepping forward to volunteer and support relief in the area. Perhaps it is a sad reflection of the times we practice in, but whether you are paid or not for your services, you should check with your medical defence organisation that you are covered under your indemnity arrangements if offering your time.’

It also provides details for GPs who wish to support the London Central and West urgent care collaborative service: ’If you are available to support LCW, who are coordinating the medical support at the rescue centres for affected patients, please can you contact LCW on with the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your mobile number
  • Hours available to support LCW.

The rescue centre locations include:

  1. Westway Sports and Fitness Centre, 1 Crowthorne Rd, London W10 6RP
  2. Latimer Christian Centre, 116 Bramley Rd, London W10 6SU
  3. Maxilla Children’s Centre, 4 Maxilla Walk, London, W10 6NQ.’

9:30 Young, healthy people are being offered £3,500 to be deliberately infected with whooping cough by medical researchers, the BBC reports. 

Researchers at Southampton University are offering people aged 18-45, in good health, willing to live in an isolation unit for 17 days up to £3,526 to be infected. 

They want to make a better vaccine to protect babies, toddlers and vulnerable adults against the disease by studying silent carriers.