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Over a quarter of GP practice managers ‘actively planning’ to quit

Almost all GP practice managers feel ‘overloaded’ and well over a quarter are actively planning to quit, a survey has suggested.

The UK-wide survey of 439 practice managers, carried out by Practice Index, showed that 97% feel overloaded and 28% are actively planning to quit.

Some 62% said they would ‘stay and struggle on’ despite feeling overloaded.

Most pointed to the ‘ever-increasing bureaucratic burden’ being placed on GP practices, and ‘lack of consultation when introducing new processes’.

One practice manager said: ‘The problem is, every time we get on top of things, something happens to push us back, such as IT failures, staff sickness, sudden arrival of long lost records from Capita, a rush of registrations and so on.

‘My team are so dedicated and flexible – but at some point the elastic will snap.’

Practice Index, a GP practice directory and practice management support service, said general practice cannot afford an ‘exodus’ of practice managers.

Managing director James Dillon said GP practice staff burnout was therefore ‘a real concern for practices up and down the country’.

He said: ‘The practice manager career is becoming less and less attractive, so practices can’t afford to lose them. It’s a ticking time bomb that needs attention.

‘The NHS needs to pull together to do something to reduce the admin strain, before it’s too late.’

The survey question in full

How overloaded are you as a PM?

Significantly, and I am actively planning on leaving the NHS – 9.7%

Significantly, but I will stay and struggle on – 41.0%

Completely, but I will stay and struggle on – 21.4%

Completely, and I am actively planning on leaving the NHS – 17.5%

Moderately overloaded – 7.8%

Not overloaded – 1.9%

None of the above, but I’m leaving the NHS. I’ve had enough – 0.7%

Source: Practice Index