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Strengthened sessional GP committee ‘to focus on revalidation’

By Lilian Anekwe

A simplified revalidation process for locums is one of the major priorities of the newly-elected members of the GPC sessional GPs’ committee.

All the winners of the election – held to boost the committee from eight members to 16 – spoke to Pulse to discuss their priorities and agenda points ahead of the next meeting on 2 December.

One common theme was a pledge to put more pressure on the GMC to consider different criteria for sessional GPs – particularly locums who can struggle to access audits based on practice records or get feedback from colleagues.

Dr Malcolm Kendrick, a salaried GP in Manchester, said: ‘Salaried and sessional GPs are going to be put at a disadvantage and no-one seems to be paying the least amount of attentions. Revalidation can’t just be nodded through, only to find we are disadvantaging a large proportion of doctors just because they were marginalised during discussions.’

Dr Linda Anne Jeffries, a salaried GP in Brough, Yorkshire, said: ‘The problem is the way data is collected and the lack of access locums have to that data. That needs to be addressed and there needs to be more thought about how locums can complete revalidation.

Sessional GPs Subcommittee 2010 – 2013

Alexandra Ames – London/Salaried
Kate Barusya – Eastern/Locum
Stephen David Bassett – Wales/Locum
Jessica Harris – Southern/Salaried
Linda Anne Jeffreys – Yorkshire/Salaried
Uday Katkar – West Midlands/Locum
Malcolm Kendrick – North West/Salaried
Rachel McMahon – North East/Locum
Mary O’Brien – Scotland/Locum
Bashir Qureshi – London/Locum
Mark Selman – South West/Salaried
Vijoy Kumar Singh – East Midlands/Locum
Victoria Weeks – London/Salaried
Lydia West – Southern/Locum
Paula Wright – North East/Salaried

Dr Malcolm Kendrick