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All GPs should be signed off work for stress, argue GP leaders

The pressures of present day general practice are so acute that all GPs should be be signed off immediately with work related stress, GP leaders have proposed.

In a motion which could be debated at the 2016 LMCs Conference this month, Shropshire LMC has called for recognition that the demands of providing quality care with inadequate resources are harming GPs.

This follows Pulse’s national GP burnout survey completed by more than 2,300 GPs which found half were at high risk of work-related burnout, and NHS England’s pledge of £16m to fund a national psychological support service for GPs – which Pulse’s Battling Burnout campaigin was instrumental in securing.

Other motions to be debated include charging overseas visitors for GP appointments and changing legislation to allow nurses to sign ‘fit notes’.

Motion in full

SHROPSHIRE: That conference recognises that the strain on GPs attempting to deliver high quality healthcare to their patients with inadequate resources is such that all GPs should be signed off work for ‘stress’.

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