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High workload levels facing GPs set to be revealed by Pulse’s survey

The long hours and high number of patient contacts GPs are dealing with daily are set to be revealed, as Pulse unveils the findings from its seminal workload survey in the coming days.

The results from Pulse’s snapshot survey of GPs will show for the first time the true strains that the profession is working under.

Based on the information sent in by GPs from across the UK, Pulse will reveal what the typical working day for a GP now looks like – including average patient contacts, and hours spent on clinical and admin work.

Safe working limits, as defined by GPs themselves, will be unveiled – and whether those levels are being breached.

Earlier this year Pulse asked GPs to record details of their day spent in practice on Monday 11 February.

The aim of capturing these details was to highlight conditions GPs are currently working under – and because this data is not available elsewhere.

Pulse also committed to using the findings to highlight to policymakers the full extent of workload pressures facing GPs.

For full coverage of all the results online – including analysis, opinion and regional trends – and to find out what GPs and commissioners have to say on the findings, check back here on Pulse Today on Wednesday 8 May.