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Practice gets year’s supply of hobnobs for suggesting time-saving trick


The staff at Practice One in Bridlington have received a year’s supply of hobnobs for suggesting the top idea in Pulse’s War on Workload.

Pulse’s War on Workload aimed to find time-saving tricks that GPs use to try and fight back against rising demand. We created a manual that can be shared throughout the country.

Dr Tom Milligan, a partner at the practice, described the system they had implemented to make sure letters were filtered by trained admin staff before being sent to GPs.

This cut down the number of letters that GPs saw as now 70% of letters can be filed straightaway without the GP seeing them.

Each doctor now receives around 45-50 letters a week instead of 150-170, saving them each about 20 minutes per day.

This were chosen as the best idea out of the many Pulse received for the War on Workload.

For this, the practice received a year’s supply of hobnobs, which according to Pulse’s complicated algorithm worked out as 197 packets.

Other ideas submitted for the War on Workload included group consultations, creating a more robust home visiting policy and creating an electronic induction pack for patients.

Dr Tom Milligan said to Pulse: ‘Thank you again for supporting us. In a difficult time it is important that good, safe and practical ideas can be shared wider than our own practices.

‘Pulse have supported us in helping other struggling practices. This idea is not unique to us but we have implemented and audited it well.’

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