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RCGP vows to continue giving out wellbeing boxes to trainees

The RCGP has pledged to continue issuing ‘wellbeing boxes’ as part of a wider strategy to help GP trainees, despite a number of ‘negative comments’.

The boxes, revealed last month, contain a gratitude journal, a bag of chocolate coins, some teabags, a ‘mindfulness colouring book’ and a notepad and pen.

The reaction to the boxes was mixed at the time, with an RCGP spokesperson telling Pulse that they ‘received a number of negative comments’.

He added: ‘Wellbeing boxes were piloted at an event for Associates in Training held just before the College’s Annual Primary Care Conference in Harrogate earlier this month.

‘They form part of a wider initiative led by the AiT Committee to encourage conversation about wellbeing and positive coping strategies amongst GPs starting their career, and feedback has been largely positive.’

However, the spokesman confirmed they will continue handing out the boxes at some events.

He said: ‘It was never the plan to send wellbeing boxes to all RCGP members; it was always the intention for the boxes to be handed out at selected events for GP trainees, and this will continue.’

In September Dr Duncan Shrewsbury, chair of the RCGP’s Associates in Training Committee, stressed that the ‘wellbeing boxes are not the answer to solving the problems facing general practice’ but it was hoped that GP trainees and those in their first years of independent practice would find it beneficial.