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Sources of help for burnout


Your family and friends

Other professionals and colleagues

Your GP

Your local Occupational Health Service

Your LMC Medical Officer/medical secretary/local rep

Your Responsible Officer - he or she is likely to be very sympathetic (especially if you contact them sooner rather than later)

Your local GP Dean at your Local Educational Training Board/Deanery

Your appraiser

A mentor or life coach

A careers coach

A travel agent


Online/telephone resources

General help and support

BMA Doctors for Doctors and counselling: 08459 200 169

BMA Useful links for doctors in difficulty

Your local LMC

Local RCGP faculty support or access to doctors with Health for Healthcare Certificate:

Your Local Education and Training Board (LETB):

Your GP dean/local deanery:


Doctors’ Support Network: 0844 395 3010

Help for Health Professionals (a RCGP, RCP, Cardiff University and Faculty of Occupational Medicine resource)

National Clinical Assessment Service

Practitioner Health Programme (covers doctors and dentists in London SHA only): 020 3049 4505

Sick Doctors Trust (for addiction problems): 0370 444 5163

The Society of Relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical Men (support for medical practitioners and/or dependants in severe financial hardship): 01837 83022

British Doctors’ and Dentists’ Group (for recovery from addiction to or dependency on alcohol or other drugs): 0779 2819 966

GMC’s Your Health Matters: 0161 923 6602

The Samaritans: 08457 90 90 90

Open Minds Alliance

The ‘Skill Pill AR’ and ‘Skill Pill Plus’ apps

Free from Apple Store


Career development

BMA/BMJ Learning: Taking a career break

BMJ Careers Fair website (includes information on sabbaticals, working abroad, defence forces, Medical Defence organisations):

Medical Forum




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