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NEW RCGP guide to mass vaccinations – 30 July


Prior planning and leadership

  • It may be more efficient and cost effective to provide immunisation across a number of providers, pooling resources and sites
  • A single clinical lead should be appointed to take responsibility for coordinating planning and delivery
  • There may be additional regulatory requirements if the lead practice or host is delivering vaccinations outside their usual premises.

Choosing location

  • Consider the best setting, eg: GP surgery; pharmacy; larger community health facility; school halls, council gym or village facilities; drive-through;
  • Indoor and outdoor queuing may be considered, however additional consideration may be needed in cold or inclement weather. It may be appropriate to have a ‘fast-track’ queue for vulnerable patients.
  • Other factors include digital infrastructure and record keeping, facilities for infection prevention and control and transport/traffic management

Checklist of equipment requirements

  • Furniture (chairs, tables, screens); crowd barriers; refrigeration;
  • IT (computers, broadband); power supply;
  • Waste disposal (general, clinical, sharps);
  • PPE;
  • Welfare (rest area, catering/refreshments including beverages and lunch provision);
  • Vaccination equipment and supplies;
  • Additional medical equipment (couch, resuscitation and diagnostic);
  • Screening and lighting for staff rest areas and for patients taken ill;
  • Clear signage both outside a venue and inside, directing patients where to go.

Checklist of layout requirements

  • Flow of patients (separation of entrance and exits)
  • Reception & triage space (to identify patients and assess any who are unwell)
  • Queueing space (maintaining social distancing as far as possible)
  • Fast-track route (for patients with limited mobility or additional requirements)
  • Toilets
  • Hand washing facilities for both patients and staff
  • Emergency / first aid area
  • Secure equipment storage, including for vaccine stocks, PPE and IT equipment

RCGP, Delivering Mass Vaccinations During COVID-19A, Logistical Guide for General Practice