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Five steps to future-proofing your small practice (1 CPD hour)


Full CPD module


This module offers advice on protecting small practices from financial shocks, covering:

  • Forming a resource-sharing arrangement with other small or singlehanded practices locally
  • Forecasting your income, including list-growth, and income new QOF for 2013/4 and LESs

After reading these articles you will be asked to record your learning points and some action points to earn a suggested 1 CPD credit. Below are some suggested questions to reflect on as you work through the module:

  1. What is your financial forecast, based on current contract proposals? Have you made sure staff members are free for your initial QOF planning meetings?
  2. What rate of list growth are you aiming to maintain this year, and how will you manage that?
  3. If you’re not yet in a partnership, how could you set one up?