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Troubleshooting and managing online appointments (1 CPD hour)


This module offers advice on running online appointment booking and online repeat prescribing, including

  • How many appointments to offer
  • How to improve uptake
  • How to manage the new workflow for online repeat prescription requests

After reading these articles you will be asked to record your learning points and some action points to earn a suggested 1 CPD credit. Below are some suggested questions to reflect on as you work through the module:

  • Do you have a protocol to manage the new workflow of online repeat prescription requests? Have you involved all relevant practice staff?
  • Have you thought through what proportion of appointments to offer online and how to protect the system from abuse?
  • Have you a clear policy on how to manage requests for online access from younger patients (aged 16-18)?
  • Have you worked through the online processes personally, using a dummy patient?
  • Are you promoting the service adequately? Have the receptionists been trained to encourage sign-up?