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How to campaign against funding cuts: Connect with other local campaigners

We kept the story rolling by collaborating with other like-minded campaigns. Apart from our practice campaign we have been part of the Save Our Surgeries campaign in Tower Hamlets and UNITE. The latter has given the campaign fantastic practical support in terms of resources and advice as its leadership took a decision this year to support any action to stop more cuts to NHS services.

We were lucky because our area, Tower Hamlets, has a long history of protest and of collaboration. The combined support and interest of virtually every practice in the borough, and of the CCG, has ensured that we have people who can tweet and use social media to promote the campaign widely. But you can get support for your campaign wherever you live.

Join a wider campaign by connecting with your CCG, LMC, unions and the Keep Our NHS Public campaign. For example, a march was organised locally by someone from a union, which got great coverage in the local press for our campaign. Several local councillors attended. If you feel isolated locally – for instance if you are the only practice facing cuts in your area – Pulse is collecting stories from around the country. Go to to connect with others in the same position.

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Dr Naomi Beer is a GP in Tower Hamlets, east London