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A GP guide to revalidation


Full CPD module


This module offer a brief update on how GPs need to prepare for revalidation. It includes:

  • What GPs should already have in place
  • A outlineof the revalidation timetable 
  • What annual appraisals should consist of in order to meet revalidation criteria
  • The options available to responsible officers when making a recommendation at the end of the revalidation cycle
  • The RCGP’s CPD credit system
  • What constitutes ‘non-standard’ roles

There are in-module questions throughout the article but no final assessment. Instead you will be asked to record your learning points and some reflection points to earn a suggested 1 CPD credit at the end of the module. Here are some suggestions for reflection:

1. Do you know who your responsible officer is yet and who to contact if you do not?

2. Are you satisfied your appraisal documentation meets the requirements for revalidation?

3. Have you accrued 50 CPD credits in the previous year?

4. Are they from a range of learning activities and do they reflect the scope of clinical work in primary care?