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How to lobby your MP to support general practice

Identifying your MP

As MPs usually only act on behalf of their constituents, it is very important that you check you are contacting the MP who represents the area in which you live and/or work. If you do not know who your MP is, you can telephone the House of Commons Information Office on 020 7219 4272. Alternatively, you can find out who your MP is by putting your full (home or work) postcode into the ‘Find Your MP’ service on the Parliament website:

Useful tips when writing or emailing your MP

– Introduce the issue immediately

– Make sure your name, address, position (eg Local Medical Committee chair etc) are clearly indicated and can be understood by the MP

– Keep your correspondence short

– If you have decided you want to meet the MP personally, add a note that you will be telephoning him/ her to arrange a meeting

Useful tips for arranging a meeting with your MP

When Parliament is sitting, MPs are based in Westminster from Monday to Thursday. If you would find it difficult to travel to Westminster for a meeting, it may be more convenient to arrange a meeting with your MP in the constituency in which you live and/or work. MPs are usually in their constituency on a Friday.

Alternatively, many MPs have dates and times when they are available at different locations around their constituency to meet constituents and to discuss issues with them. Your MP’s staff or local party office ought to be able to advise you of your MP’s ‘surgery’ details.

For further assistance, please contact the BMA’s Public Affairs Office at or 020 3058 7457.