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7 – Dr Michael Dixon

Dr Michael Dixon is one of general practice's best-known figures, chair of the NHS Alliance since 1998 and one of the profession's strongest advocates of complementary medicine and holistic healthcare.

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As alliance chair, Dr Dixon has the tricky job of representing both GPs and the people they are set to replace as commissioners – PCT managers. He has been closely involved in the discussions over the health bill, expressing some concerns about the way it is being implemented, but insisting commissioning can offer GPs a ‘central role'.

Dr Dixon was medical director of the Prince's Foundation for Integrated Health until its closure in 2010, and has continued his passion for the slightly offbeat with the formation of the new College of Medicine, which he chairs, providing a forum to think afresh about what successful healthcare is.

Dr Dixon's own practice in Cullompton, Devon, is in much the same vein, offering a patient-run cafe, vegetable and herbal patches and a ‘life room'.

Dr Dixon said: ‘I would like to see GP commissioning finally come of age. That will depend upon GP consortia keeping faith with their local GPs. I hope to champion them when they need to flex their muscles with the NHS Commissioning Board.'

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