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Sponsored video: Roundtable – Ensuring CCGs have the powers and independence needed to succeed

Pulse, in association with the NAPC, presents this lively discussion between leading commissioners on ways to ensure that CCGs have the powers and independence needed to succeed.

The debate highlights the limitations of the draft guidelines on commissioning support and stresses the importance of localism and flexibility in shaping the future of CCGs. Our  expert panel express optimism about a future of co-commissioning but concern that the £25 management allowance will stifle the necessary innovation.

Watch the full thought-provoking event below or watch the highlights on commissioning support here and on the £25 management allowance here.


Chair: Richard Hoey, editor, Pulse

Dr Charles Alessi, GP and chair NAPC

Councillor Derek Osbourne, Leader of  Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

Dr Joanne Medhurst GP, joint managing director and director of service redesign at  Bexley Care Trust   CCG

Dr Johnny Marshall, GP former NAPC chair and CCG board member

Dr Phil Moore, GP, NAPC exec member and CCG board member