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Pulse needs you: write for our new series

Pulse needs you: write for our new series

Pulse is looking for your contributions! We have three new series to support and inform GPs, and we are looking for case studies and suggestions from readers. 

The communication breakdown service

A brand new column where readers can write in with real-life communication issues they have had at work. Anything from ‘I have an angry patient that makes me feel nervous when they book in – what do I do?’ to ‘Nobody seems to listen to me in practice meetings – how do I improve this?’

Dr Ed Pooley, GP and author, is on hand to help. An expert on training doctors in communication skills, Dr Pooley will offer advice and guidance on how to manage the situation. 

We are looking for people to send in scenarios. As this is not a paid opportunity, we only require as many words as you think are required to explain the situation. 

Case of the month

Have you handled a case which had a slightly surprising outcome? Perhaps, an elderly man with non-vertigo dizziness? Or an unexpected cause of bradycardia?

We are looking for people to write in with such cases so that readers can have a guess at what might be going on.

No research is required, but the case would need patient consent or to be modified enough to maintain confidentiality. 

Wordcount is 300-400, with another 100 for a follow up answer. This is a paid opportunity (£60.)

‘Under the Radar’ diagnoses

A new series exploring unusual cases which could have been easily missed, but you managed to spot! 

We want you to share these cases with readers: What did the patient come in for? What did you spot that seemed amiss? What was your thought process? What action did you take? What was the outcome? What are the learning points for others in primary care?

The word count is up to you. This is a paid opportunity (£60.)

Please get in touch if you would like to contribute!