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10. Sarah Wollaston MP

The GP-turned-Tory-MP has become a darling of her former profession, challenging her own party’s line on alcohol curbs and the A&E crisis.

This year she has urged the Government not to drop minimum alcohol pricing and said the Government risked ‘overpromising’ over seven-day access to GPs.

More recently, she confronted the health secretary in the House of Commons on the GP workforce shortage urging him also to ‘broaden the skill mix of those who can see people in primary care’.

As a member of the health select committee she will continue to exert an influence on the work of her former primary care colleagues as the committee probes the management of long term conditions through the autumn.

Described by our panel as ‘a rising star of the House of Commons’ and by The Spectator as ‘the Tories next ticking timebomb’ Dr Wollaston may be bad for David Cameron but could also be good for patients and GPs.

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