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25. Dr James Kingsland


Despite his lower public profile over the past year, the Wirral GP remains an influential figure behind the scenes of general practice. In his role as a special adviser on commissioning to the Department of Health, he travels the length and breadth of the country spreading the commissioning gospel to clinicians.

Criticised in some quarters for taking a Government role while still president of the National Association of Primary Care, he has nevertheless retained the ability to challenge the status quo in primary care and is widely admired for his unswerving focus on improving standards in general practice.

Dr Kingsland says he is proud of his contribution to the NHS reforms: ‘I'm proud of turning a difficult debate over the bill into an act that represents all the aspirations of the white paper.

‘Turning that ambition into law is something worth celebrating. This is the culmination of 20 years' work to manage the internal healthcare market efficiently.'

This year, Dr Kingsland opened a new practice in purpose-built premises, complete with an ultrasound scanner, pharmacy and a range of social services, pioneering what he described as the ‘21st century of primary care'.

He also spoke out against the BMA's day of action on pensions, saying he supported neither the principle nor the practice of industrial action.

He says: ‘I get up in the morning still excited about being a GP.'

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