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28. Dr David Bailey


This year will be Dr David Bailey's last as chair of GPC Wales – though he hopes to continue as a GPC negotiator if re-elected – but his influence has grown significantly due to his prominent role in fighting the Government's pensions reforms.

As deputy chair and the senior GP on the BMA pensions committee, the Caerphilly GP has lobbied hard against the Government's plans to raise GPs' retirement age and increase pension contributions.

Alongside this, he has remained dogged in defending Welsh GPs, particularly when opposing controversial plans to make GP surgeries offer evening and weekend appointments, and one panel member described him as both ‘hugely influential' and ‘well respected by the Welsh Government'.

He says: ‘GPs in Wales are working hard. We work harder for lower money and have a much higher disease prevalence rate. On top of this, pension contributions are 14-15% higher and consultation times are longer. It's not reasonable.'

Dr Bailey was also the GPC's lead negotiator in talks over a £10.7m reimbursement owed to dispensing practices across England and Wales for underpayments in 2010/11 and 2011/12.


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