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3. Dr Manir Aslam

dr aslam manir 3x2

dr aslam manir 3×2

This West Midlands GP is turning the problems faced by inner-city practices on their head. Deprivation, poor GP recruitment and diverse communities have made life tough for inner-city practices, leaving them at risk of closure, while deepening health inequalities.

But Dr Aslam is tapping the potential of inner-city communities to counter these problems. At his practice, partners run programmes with universities, colleges and other organisations to offer work experience. He runs discussions with young people about becoming a GP and offers one-to-one mentoring.

As one GP put it: ‘It is refreshing to see a GP sets aside his own time to support and guide young people entering the field.’

Dr Aslam’s desire to make a change locally is also evident in youth mental health services. As clinical lead for urgent care, he helped implement a scheme, ‘Single Point of Access’ to improve outcomes for CAMHS in 2015.

What he says ‘It’s a great honour’

What others say ‘The drive, motivation and enthusiasm shown by Dr Aslam is being passed on to the young, giving hope for the future of general practice’


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