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3 – Dr Richard Vautrey

Dr Richard Vautrey is known more for his level head than for youthful experience.

As deputy chair of the GPC, he has particular responsibility for QOF negotiations and a more general role acting as counterweight to the more fiery Dr Laurence Buckman. But Dr Vautrey is not afraid to admit when the GPC gets it wrong, as he did last year conceding nothing could be done to prevent the debacle over the patient survey.

Dr Vautrey will be fronting negotiations over GP regulation, and working to ensure revalidation does not overburden GPs. As vice-president of the Methodist Council, he will be heading to Haiti in May to help with the reconstruction efforts there.

What he says

‘This is an absolutely crucial year for general practice, with a new government coming in – Labour or Conservative – at a time of significant financial challenge. We need to be talking to Government to ensure some of their wilder ideas are tempered.'

Dr Richard Vautrey Top 50 most influential GPs

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