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36. Dr Stuart Sutton

Dr Stuart Sutton comes in at number 36 in the 2013 Pulse Power 50. He has risen three places from last year’s list.

Dr Stuart Sutton’s ‘determined strides against homophobia’ were behind his nomination, but in fact his proudest achievement was becoming a partner at a practice in Newham, east London. 

‘Being able to tell my patients I fully expect to be their GP for the next 20-plus years is fantastic,’ he says.

Dr Sutton remains co-chair of the Gay & Lesbian Association of Doctors & Dentists and, as part of his work this year, was invited to the annual conference of the international GP body WONCA to run health workshops about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender health needs.

He is also a board member at his local CCG and is passionate about ‘old fashioned’ general practice and emphasises the value of the traditional partnership model: ‘I’m a big supporter of patients being cared for by “my GP”, not “any GP” - a significant risk if the service moves towards increasing churn of salaried and sessional roles.’

He cites leading NHS Change Day (an annual opportunity for NHS staff to submit ideas on improving service delivery) as another big achievement this year.




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