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5 – Dr Chaand Nagpaul

Dr Chaand Nagpaul topped last year's list of up-and-coming GPs, and there is little doubt his time has now arrived. Tipped as a future GPC chair, Dr Nagpaul has been in the thick of the often fraught talks with the Government as the GPC's lead negotiator on commissioning.

Last year, top of up-and-coming list

An important influence on the series of GP consortia guidance documents produced by the GPC, Dr Nagpaul has nevertheless maintained a vocal stand against the threat posed by private competition. He is seen as a natural TV spokesperson, marrying tough words with a thoughtful demeanour. A GP in Stanmore, north London, he also leads negotiations on IT and GP finance.

Dr Nagpaul said: ‘The challenge for GPs is to demonstrate mature leadership on commissioning. We need to ensure integrity in our patients' care in the midst of perverse incentives, engage and support GPs and collaborate with secondary care and public health in limiting the damage of fragmentation and commercialisation.'

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