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5. Dr Dylan Parry

dr parry dylan 3x2

dr parry dylan 3×2

Dr Parry’s passion for Wales is invaluable when it comes to recruiting GPs for the country.

The Welsh Deanery education supervisor and Old Colwyn GP won RCGP Wales’ ‘Why Wales?’ competition with a video about working as a GP in North Wales, which emphasised its excellent quality of life.

Since then Dr Parry has contributed to an independently commissioned report entitled Tackling The Crisis, in which he proposed a medical school in north-west Wales. He says this would help attract recruits from rural Wales, embed students in rural areas at an early stage in their training and help retain practitioners in rural areas.

His passion has made him the unofficial poster boy for GP recruitment in Wales, contributing to a BBC documentary. He has also been named a ‘Champion’ for NHS Wales after his efforts helped to improve fill rates for trainees this year, despite a bike accident that forced him to take nine weeks off.

Dr Parry is leading a programme to promote careers in general practice to secondary school-age children.

What he says ‘My favourite moment this year was learning that an undergraduate student, who I’d never met, had written about me in her dissertation, using my “Why Wales?” video as an example of a positive role model’

What others say ‘I know of no one who has done more than Dylan to further GP recruitment in Wales, while remaining true to the heart of what general practice is. He is truly an inspiration’


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