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7. Dr Dal Sahota

dr sahota dal 3x2

dr sahota dal 3×2

This Buckinghamshire GP has elevated women’s and children’s services in her region from a place where the local maternity unit had to temporarily close due to recruitment problems to one that is a regional beacon.

As clinical director for maternity services at NHS Chiltern CCG, Dr Sahota has not only managed to reopen the unit, she has developed a perinatal mental health network that has been lauded in the region.

After the network launched last year, Buckinghamshire was recognised as ‘the only locality in the region that provides commissioned services for pregnant and postnatal women with mental illness across maternity, health visiting, IAPT and secondary care’.

Dr Sahota is also lead commissioner for children’s services at NHS Chiltern CCG, a role in which she supported a review of local paediatric services, resulting in better investment for overstretched community services. ‘Being able to demonstrate a reduction in admissions for under-5s has been hugely rewarding,’ she says.

And at her own practice, Dr Sahota trialled two new health apps to help patients tackle simple questions about health on their own.

What she says

‘Urgent care is possibly the greatest challenge in the NHS today – I am a strong believer in “try and you will succeed”’

What others say

‘Dr Sahota has skills that enable her to work in other portfolios and quickly develop her understanding to move things forward. She actively gets involved in work and does not just sit and direct’


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