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Dr Jaz Grewal  

In her own words, Dr Jaz Grewal has had a ‘fantastic’ year.

Despite being unsuccessful in election to RCGP council in June, she has been RCGP First5 representative and communications lead for South West Thames Faculty, helped with the First5 conference, organised her local faculty careers event for GP trainees and attended the WONCA world conference in Prague.

That’s all in addition to working as a locum in urgent care centres and GP surgeries while teaching medical students as a GP tutor. Dr Grewal has only been qualified as a GP for two years and is keen to continue to develop more knowledge and skills, ‘so that I can continue to serve my patients well’.

Nominated by our panel for her ‘hard work in First5’ as well as for her enthusiasm for engaging GPs in GP education’, Dr Grewal says she finds being a doctor - a GP – ‘very satisfying’.

’I love being able to do a job where I can actually help people and make a difference,’ she says.


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