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Who else was nominated for the Pulse Power 50?

Dr Amit Bhargava

Dr Amy Small

Dr Andrew Dearden      

Dr Ben Brown

Dr Carsten Grimm           

Dr Chris Dowrick              

Dr Claire Taylor

Dr David Powell               

Dr Des Spence  

Dr Fay Wilson    

Dr Gavin Ralston              

Dr Greg Irving   

Dr Heather Wetherell   

Dr Helena McKeown     

Dr Hussain Gandhi          

Dr Ian Hume      

Dr James Betteridge

Dr James Cave  

Dr Jamie Wallis

Dr Jaz Dhillon

Dr Jaz Grewal

Dr Jennifer Allinson

Dr John Gillies   

Dr John Grenville            

Dr John Grenville            

Dr John Horton                

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Dr Jonathan Tomlinson

Dr Linda Harris  

Dr Luisa Pettigrew          

Dr Mark Sanford Wood                

Dr Miles Mack  

Dr Mohammed Ali

Dr Naresh Rati  

Dr Naresh Rati  

Dr Naureen Bhatti          

Dr Nick Harding                

Dr Nigel Sparrow             

Dr Peter Deveson

Dr Prit Buttar     

Dr Raj Thakkar  

Dr Richard Ma   

Dr Rupa Parmar

Dr Sham Sabri   

Dr Sihivali Talsania

Dr Simon Glew

Dr Stephanie De Giorgio

Dr Steve Kell     

Dr Tony Calland

Dr Tony Copperfield      

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