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11. Dr Nicholas Grundy

Dr Nicholas Grundy is undeniably the face of grassroots GP resistance in the fight against Capita and the pensions fiasco.

This ‘selfless representative of coalface GPs’, as described by one person nominating him, has dedicated the last two years of his life to defending GPs who have been unfairly affected by the mismanagement of NHS pensions contributions by Capita, running Primary Care Support England.

Despite lack of financial support to do so, he has tirelessly raised numerous individual cases in his role as chair of campaign group GP Survival, all the while still working as a GP in London.

He has sounded the alarm over GPs receiving little or incorrect information about their pension records and has highlighted how delays by Capita in updating the National Performers List is a key issue, sometimes affecting GPs’ abilities to practise.

His efforts have contributed to Capita acknowledging failings in the system – and making changes.

A new online system for the National Performers List is due to be launched and the firm has said it is continuing to work through assigning unallocated pensions funds to GPs and other healthcare professionals.

But the pension fight for Dr Grundy is far from over. There are still years of discrepancies in GP records, coupled with ongoing issues – such as the missing performers list updates – that are still to be resolved.

Yet Dr Grundy remains positive about progress: ‘At heart, we have started to make NHS England, NHS Pensions, and Capita realise that these are not just spreadsheet errors, but things which often have severe personal and human impact.’

Why influential: Tireless campaigner for GPs

What others say: ‘Modest, fair and has almost single-handedly led a campaign to challenge and hold NHS England and Capita to account’

Random fact: Was born 10 weeks premature and as a result only has nine-and-a-half toes