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14. Dr Krishan Aggarwal

As the BMA’s lead on pensions, Dr Krishan Aggarwal has had his hands full this year, particularly regarding ridiculous rules around locums’ superannuation.

He has been meeting NHS Pensions on the ‘annualisation’ of pensions for locum GPs – which has led locums potentially having to pay the highest pensions contributions of 14% even if they have barely worked through the year.

On the same note, he is going to court on ‘death in service’ benefits, after a widower was denied them because his locum GP wife had been off work that day – and therefore deemed not to be ‘in service’ when she died.

And he is in the unenviable position of meeting Capita on a monthly basis over their handling of the performers list.

Why influential: Leading on the biggest issue facing many GPs

What others say: ‘Thorough, has an eye for detail, a solution maker’