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15. Dr Ellie Cannon

In an era of fake news, TV doctor Dr Ellie Cannon is the much-needed antidote to health myths.

Over the past year, she has been debunking these misunderstandings during her regular appearances on Channel 5, Sky News and the Victoria Derbyshire show, as well as on radio – while continuing her role as resident GP at the Mail on Sunday.

She is also a blogger for Pulse and has tackled issues including the anti-vax movement and fighting cervical cancer.

Her second book – Is Your Job Making You Ill? – reached number two in the Amazon book charts after it was published last year, and a third book is now in store for next year.

Dr Cannon’s influence is not limited to the general public – it reaches as far as the royals. While promoting her writing she has shared the stage with Prince William to speak about the impact of emotionally draining jobs on mental health.

Why influential: Counteracting ‘fake health news’ through media appearances

What others say: ‘Dr Ellie always has the patient at the heart of everything. She also uses her public presence to champion many causes including mental health and other cancers.

Random fact: Once had an argument about vaccinations with Calvin Harris