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20. Dr Vish Ratnasuriya

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20 dr ratnasuriya vish power50 2017 20

This young GP is trailblazing the rapid rise of the superpartnership.

As chair of Our Health Partnership, he heads an organisation with 45 surgeries, 187 GP partners and 340,000 patients in the West Midlands. This year saw the addition of another six practices in rural Shropshire, meaning it now operates in urban, suburban and rural areas.

And this single partnership is too big to ignore. Under Dr Ratnasuriya’s guidance, OHP now sits on the board of the Sustainability and Transformation Plans – the regional plans to reshape NHS and social care services – putting it on a par with the major local trusts.

Despite this, he is the antithesis of the corporate type – he is ‘never found wearing a tie and often walks or cycles to meetings’.

All this has been achieved by the age of 36. It seems that his efforts have made an impression on local GPs, who describe him as an ‘ambassador for working at scale’, and said he has ‘paved the way for better care for patient and a better environment for GPs’.

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Poster boy for superpractices

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‘Very good leader and ambassador for working at scale’

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Used to lead a soul band