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22. Dr Michelle Drage

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22 dr drage michelle power50 2017 22

Chief executive of one of the most innovative LMCs, Dr Drage shows others how it is done. She represents 7,000 GPs at Londonwide LMCs and has consistently been a strong voice for all grassroots GPs.

Her campaign to support vulnerable practices has had a major effect locally and nationally. The ‘GP State of Emergency’ campaign has provided resources for practices in trouble, with LMC members and staff out speaking to practices to make sure they are getting the support they need. 

It is proving popular. So far, there have been 14,000 downloads of the LMC’s ‘emergency guidance’. They have also provided guidance on DNAs and housing letters. Dr Drage says that all 1,200 practices in London have accessed the LMC’s resources, while over 50% have been ‘proactively engaged for representational purposes by our LMCs in the last year’.

And they need it. Dr Drage told Pulse earlier this year that a new practice is coming to the LMC every week with problems that could lead to them closing.

Her favourite moment from the last 12 months is a more personal one, however. ‘It was from a colleague who said in my 360, “I am proud to be a GP and to work at LLMC”.’

That colleague is not alone, with a number of nominators praising her leadership of London GPs, calling her ‘dynamic’, a ‘stalwart for GPs, and a strong voice working for GPs in London but also for general practice as a whole’.

Why influential

Shows other LMC leaders how to lead

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‘Strong voice for London and wider general practice’

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Owns two rabbits