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23. Dr Andrew Green

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23 dr green andrew power50 2017 23

The intelligent and effective GPC clinical lead is rarely out of the news.

This year, Dr Green has co-ordinated the BMA’s responses to ban the prescribing of certain medicines, is discussing the prescription of opioids with health chiefs and is looking into the future of the QOF following an instruction by the LMCs Conference.

He also led the GPC’s input into the court case involving Pfizer, the pharma giant, which saw GPs having to prescribe the branded version of pregabalin – Lyrica – when prescribing for neuropathic pain – although no compensation has been forthcoming.

Dr Green names the GPC’s battle with the GMC and NHS England over GPs treating gender dysmorphia as his biggest achievement in the past year. The upshot was new guidance to ‘balance the duty of care owed by GPs to a vulnerable population with the need to act within our competence’.

This year the LMCs Conference gave him the unenviable task of launching a ‘national debate’ over what care the NHS should stop funding. A thorny issue that needs the calm competence of this Yorkshire GP.

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Leads on clinical and prescribing issues – always a hot topic

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‘Wise and pragmatic advice on clinical matters’

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’Spectacularly’ allergic to oily fish