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25. Dr Vish Ratnasuriya

Dr Vish Ratnasuryia is a pioneer in the world of working at scale. As chair of the largest GP partnership in the country, Our Health Partnership, he has grown the model with success.

The organisation, which currently includes 42 practices and serves 370,000 patients, will expand again in October to include another four practices and extend its reach to over 400,000 patients.

Dr Ratnasuryia says the move ‘is so our GPs lead integration around our practices, rather than have it done to them’. The partnership has been successful at winning local contracts too – it has sexual health and anticoagulation services under its belt.

At the same time, this GP has also taken on the role of clinical lead for Birmingham and Solihull sustainability and transformation partnership (STP) to ensure ‘general practice is seen as the bedrock of our future health and care system’.

But his efforts don’t stop at the county boundary. He wants to spread the word about the benefits of working at scale through a research paper, due to be published later this year.

Why influential:

The epitome of superpractice success

What he says: Describes himself as ‘the antithesis of the corporate type: calm, measured, and insightful, remaining true to his values’

Random fact:

He used to lead a soul band that now has ambitions of getting back together