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26. Dr David Unwin

Dr David Unwin’s ‘low carb’ campaign has taken great strides this year, helping people with type 2 diabetes to improve their quality of life.

His approach was featured on BBC 1 show The Truth About Carbs to an audience of over three million viewers. It looked at how carbohydrates are impacting people’s health and how cutting carbs could save the NHS thousands of pounds in medication.

At his Merseyside practice he has continued to support patients, with 61 of them achieving drug-free remission.

In the past year his campaign reached as far as health secretary Matt Hancock who, after meeting Dr Unwin, reportedly shared the doctor’s sugar infographic – which shows ‘teaspoon of sugar equivalents’ for various foods – with every member of his staff.

NICE also endorsed the infographic.

Why influential: Advocating medicine-free treatment of diabetes

What others say: ‘Wonderful work in showing how type 2 diabetes can be put into remission’

Random fact: Once did a ‘DIY’ funeral for an old friend who died without money – including digging the grave himself