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26. Dr Graham Jackson

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26 dr jackson graham power50 2017 26

It’s been four years since the advent of clinical commissioning, and some believe its time is over.

But this Aylesbury GP has been at the heart of making the case for clinicians leading change. Dr Jackson is head of the body representing CCG leaders, NHS Clinical Commissioners. Its list of ‘low value’ medications that GPs should no longer prescribe created a media storm this year, although now the dust has settled it is largely accepted as a pragmatic idea.

NHS England is now consulting on a number of treatments it is looking to ban GPs from prescribing – including homeopathy and fentanyl.

Dr Jackson is part of NHS England’s GP Forward View oversight group, chairing the ‘primary/secondary care interface’ working group. Yet another complex task that requires Dr Jackson’s intelligent approach. As Pulse revealed this year, despite thousands of complaints from GPs about this practice continuing, CCGs have not yet taken any action

But number one on his to-do list is setting up the ‘accountable care organisation’ in Buckinghamshire. The ACOs will provide primary and secondary care services, and the Buckinghamshire project is one of eight across England. As he puts it, setting up the new model is ‘challenging but stimulating as there is no template’.

Why influential

The GP who represents CCGs

What he says

‘My various activities have led to top-of-the-office access’

Random fact

‘Colleagues always seem surprised to hear I still work 2.5 days a week in general practice’