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27. Dr David Wrigley

Long-time defender of the NHS and second in command of the BMA, Dr David Wrigley’s latest battle has been focussing on protecting doctors against the NHS’s discriminatory pension scheme.

He has put himself forward as one of the test cases for taking legal action against the Government, after it allowed some older doctors to remain on the more favourable version – but not younger medics.

The Lancashire GP has also turned his attention towards staffing issues following the findings of the NHS Staff Survey in 2018, which showed that doctors and healthcare professionals are working in a system under extreme pressure.

This year he has undertaken a new BMA project that will look into safe staffing in the NHS. As part of this, he will gather evidence and speak to doctors about how to resolve the issue. The project will publish its findings later this year.

Why influential: Outspoken campaigner

What others say: ‘Passionate defender of the founding principles of the NHS.’

Random fact: He left school at 15 and worked for a high-street bank for five years