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27. Professor Azeem Majeed

Professor Azeem Majeed is nothing short of a machine when it comes to his output of important primary care research. In the past year, he has had more than 60 academic articles published, including nine in The Lancet and three in the BMJ.

These are important pieces of work, too. He completed a research project showing that the quality of care people receive from general practice is more important when determining patient satisfaction than GP opening hours – which ought to give the Government pause for thought in its determination to roll out extended opening.

He has continued to expand the role of general practice on the undergraduate medical course within Imperial College London’s Medical School, establishing a one-year out-of-programme post for GP trainees to give them an opportunity to spend a year working with his team to develop their teaching skills.

He is also a regular commenter below-the-line on the PulseToday website – although always in his own name…

Professor Majeed’s favourite moment of the past year was when he received the NHS Lambeth CCG 2017 Outstanding Contribution to Primary Care Award for his 22-year contribution to primary care in his local area.

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A leading academic GP that stays in touch with the frontline

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