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29. Dr Stephanie deGiorgio

29 dr de giorgio stephanie power50 2017 29

29 dr de giorgio stephanie power50 2017 29

This Kent GP’s influence on grassroots GPs is extensive. As the co-founder of Resilient GP, she provides a voice that is different to the establishment, and, as a newly elected GPC member, is now willing to challenge the BMA from within.

Resilient GP doubled in size in its first year, and now has some 8,000 members. One of Dr deGiorgio’s proudest achievements this year was when a new member said ‘this group made me realise that I could return to work in the UK because there are likeminded GPs there’.

A GP in east Kent, she is also a member of the GPC, helping shape their communications strategy, but probably the most tangible impact she has had this year has been in the field of perinatal mental health. ‘I took the plunge to go public with my personal experiences a couple of years ago after meeting others on social media and forming the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership,’ she says. As part of this, she led a Facebook live session which was viewed by 3,500 people, with 9 million impressions on twitter.

Her plan this year is to write a book on perinatal mental health. It is bound to be a must read.

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