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31. Dr Surina Chibber

Dr Surina Chibber’s energy and enthusiasm has propelled her to a regular place on the Pulse Power 50.

My Locum Manager, the idea that came to Dr Chibber early in her ongoing quest to support locum GPs, was already making a name for itself in 2017, but has since expanded exponentially. The software allows locums to manage their workloads, find practices in need and provides advice on tricky areas such as pension annualisation – on which she collaborated with NHS Pensions.

Dr Chibber has taken this software around the entire UK, a move that’s appreciated both by individuals and also by practices. In doing so, south London-based Dr Chibber reached over 4,000 First5 and trainee GPs.

Proving her project’s point, Dr Chibber’s diary doesn’t stop there. She’s meticulously organised irrespective of how her day’s panning out, be it: contributing to the Locum Essentials Guide; improving how locums manage emergencies and acute illness; empowering doctors to jointly prioritise patient care and their own health via Red Whale; or improving cancer outcomes with Macmillan.

Her influence was evidenced by the number of people who nominated Dr Chibber – more than two dozen in all. As some put it, she is ‘hardworking, has supported thousands of sessionals from navigating indemnity to the new pension changes’, ‘gives up so much of her time to support trainee and First5 GPs, among others’ and ‘massively helped me personally as a new GP and has done the same for pretty much all my friends. She is my go-to person if I don’t know what I’m doing.’

Why influential: Juggles her own workload in order to support the locums who juggle theirs

What others say: ‘Entrepreneurial spirit working with NHS England and GP federations to support the workforce and sessional GPs and make a sustainable future’

Random fact: Challenges herself every year to learn a new skill or hobby, to never live the same year twice